Our Communities

We have decided to be one church with multiple expressions. That means we are one church, sharing the same mission, values, ministry strategy, administrative leadership, and Wesleyan theology, with multiple locations. While some multi-site churches have different campuses and offer the same sermon and programs, we have created a very different structure: shared administration with each community’s worship, preaching, discipleship, and outreach contextual. Why? Because we believe we can make more disciples by being across more streets and providing multiple approaches to discipleship. Our 3 communities are Downtown (200 W. High St., 40507), Offerings (200 W. High St., 40507) and Andover (3801 Polo Club Blvd., 40509).


Downtown Community

The Downtown community is one of the original Kentucky Methodist congregations with a rich history, a vibrant present, and a vital future. The congregation comes from just down the street, across town, and even neighboring communities, representing all ages and life-stages all with a desire to grow closer to Christ as we worship, grow, and serve together. The expression Downtown for Good means more than a location. It’s a commitment to participate in God’s work from the heart of our city.


Offerings Community

The Offerings Community celebrates weekly Word & Table worship in a more intimate setting. We are an inter-generational community with a large number of young adults and young children. We are dedicated to making disciples who become pastors and apostles.


Andover Community

One of three communities of Lexington First United Methodist Church, the Andover Community serves the Andover/Hamburg area of Lexington, Kentucky. We welcome all to join us as we seek after God and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to our community and the world.

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Our Mission

We are a church that makes disciples — across the street and around the world.

Our Values

We are theologically Wesleyan.

We are primarily committed to developing fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.

We are one church with multiple expressions.

We are invitational in welcoming new members into our fellowship.

We are missional in community transformation.

We regularly celebrate the Sacraments.

We teach and practice biblical stewardship.

We are connected and accountable to the United Methodist Church.

Our Ministry Stategy

We are committed to discipleship, as a process with three components:

  1. Worship – individual and corporate
  2. Growth – in small group settings for study, personal sharing, guidance, and prayer
  3. Service – in the church and in the world

We are committed to creating new places for new people