October 17, 2022


We are seven weeks into our fall study time preparing for General Conference 2024. Thank you to everyone who has attended on Wednesday nights and those of you who are keeping up with the conversations on the podcast. Minds are being renewed. Socially constructed opinions are turning into biblically and theologically based convictions. Progress is being made in our discernment process. Most importantly, discipleship is happening.

Let us encourage those who have not had the opportunity to attend Wednesday nights that it is not too late. Our last five-week session begins November 5 and there is a place for you.

The second encouragement is to listen to Season Five of the leadership podcast. We have laid out the basis of where we are along with background of how we got here. These are foundation sessions that will keep you up-to-date and prepare you for what is to come. You can find the podcast and all other information about General Conference here on our website.

If you have any questions or simply want to talk, please reach out. Your voice is important to helping discern our future as a congregation.

All our best,

Carol Cooper, Chad Foster, Jennifer Gibson, Taylor Zimmerman, and Todd Nelson
Pastoral Lead Team

For general questions or inquiries about Wednesday night sessions, you can contact us here.