May 1, 2024

General Conference Updates May 1, 2024 We wanted to drop by with an update about General Conference. With two days remaining, the Conference has been fast moving and dynamic. It appears possible that sweeping changes are coming to the UMC around marriage, ordination, and our overall structure. Just this morning the Conference made changes removing the … Read more

April 17, 2024

General Conference Updates April 17, 2024 Next week on Tuesday, April 23, United Methodist delegates from around the globe will gather to worship, fellowship, and consider matters for the denomination in Charlotte, NC in a meeting known as the General Conference. As we have previously communicated, delegates will once again take up the denomination’s stance on … Read more

June 1, 2023

General Conference Updates June 1, 2023 Administrative Council and Kentucky Annual Conference Updates June 1, 2023 The Administrative Council met last Tuesday, May 30, to consider adopting a Theological Statement for First United Methodist Church. This was part of an on-going process of discernment about our response to General Conference 2024 and the denominational issues … Read more

May 17, 2023

General Conference Updates May 17, 2023 First United Methodist Church Lexington began working through a process of discernment toward our future denominational affiliation beginning June 2022. There was a first phase of podcasts, teaching times, and conversations through the fall of 2022. Since January, the second phase of our process saw our Vision Team and Administrative … Read more

December 7, 2022

General Conference Updates December 7, 2022 Greetings Everyone! I wanted to drop by to give an update on General Conference 2024 and to answer a question we are hearing frequently. First of all, on Sunday, December 4, 2022, the Kentucky Annual Conference (KAC) of the United Methodist Church (UMC) held a Special Annual Conference for … Read more

November 10, 2022

General Conference Updates November 10, 2022 Greetings! The past two weeks have been eventful and we thought it would be helpful to update you. Jurisdictional Conferences met last week. The major news from this meeting of the Southeastern Jurisdiction in Lake Junalauska, NC. is that Bishop Leonard Fairley was re-appointed to Kentucky and Central Appalachia … Read more

October 17, 2022

General Conference Updates October 17, 2022 Greetings, We are seven weeks into our fall study time preparing for General Conference 2024. Thank you to everyone who has attended on Wednesday nights and those of you who are keeping up with the conversations on the podcast. Minds are being renewed. Socially constructed opinions are turning into … Read more

August 17, 2022

General Conference Updates August 17, 2022 Greetings First Church family! We are two weeks away from the beginning of phase two of our internal 2024 General Conference timeline. Wednesday, August 31, begins the fall focus on study as we offer several ways for you to be involved. The following is a description and overview of … Read more

June 15, 2022

General Conference Updates June 15, 2022 Greetings First Church family! With the Kentucky Annual Conference behind us for 2022, we wanted to share a few observations. The Annual Conference was a civil and non-anxious affair. As a matter of fact, the word non-anxious was mentioned by many of the speakers, as well as Bishop Fairley, … Read more

June 1, 2022

General Conference Updates June 1, 2022 This week’s General Conference update is a podcast with Todd Nelson and Taylor Zimmerman who dive into the “why” of our conversations, study, and listening period. It boils down to something Gordon T. Smith said in his book Listening to God in Times of Choice: “It takes time to nurture a … Read more