April 17, 2024

Next week on Tuesday, April 23, United Methodist delegates from around the globe will gather to worship, fellowship, and consider matters for the denomination in Charlotte, NC in a meeting known as the General Conference. As we have previously communicated, delegates will once again take up the denomination’s stance on human sexuality as one part of their work.

The important reminder is that we are remaining United Methodist.

We at First Church have prayed, studied, discussed, and communicated extensively about what this means for the denomination and for us as a congregation. All that information can be accessed here.

We are hoping to avoid any and all confusion. You may hear a number of things in the media and from friends at other churches in town over the next few weeks. The fact remains that we have already made the decision to stay UMC. Here is the Theological Statement affirmed by the Administrative Council in June of 2023 that lines out our position and the implications.

Please keep Rev. Gary Graves in your prayers in his role as the Secretary of the General Conference. This is a huge responsibility in normal times but exponentially difficult in this environment.

As always, please reach out if you have questions.

Pastoral Lead Team

Todd Nelson, Senior Pastor
Carol Cooper, Downtown Pastor
Jennifer Gibson, Church Administrator
Chad Foster, Andover Pastor
Taylor Zimmerman, Offerings Pastor